The New All-On-4 Concept

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The New All-On-4 Concept

  • Complete process in fewer visits
  • Fixed teeth in 24 -72 hours
  • 100% digital process
  • We design smile from beginning to be more predictable

The New All-On-4 Concept is considered a breakthrough in the field of implant dentistry. It is a full mouth rehabilitation concept for completely edentulous jaws that provides immediate better esthetic and function on the same day of surgery. In 1998, the first patient was included in the scientific study to validate this inventory concept and since,then, many scientific studies published on this topic and it is regarded as a milestone in modern implant dentistry.

Our Methodology

We use digital work systems and we offer custom-made treatment approaches according to your need. Full mouth rehabilitation is challenging, but our dental team offers the complete procedure in only 3 phases

Phase 1:


This stage of treatment is to study and plan the case digitally before starting the treatment. To do this, we will take specific photographs, a 3D radiograph, called CBCT, and an intraoral scanner using our own scanning systems, which replace conventional impression techniques by using silicones. Intraoral scanning offers maximum precision, comfort and complete security in printing.

With all these digital records and with the help of specific smile-designing software, we will plan the surgery and design your new smile.

Phase 2:


After the digital planning of your case by our dental team, we move on to the next phase of the treatment, the surgical phase. Digital planning ensures high precision and more predictability of the case as it allows us to simulate the implant placement in the desired position, avoiding any mistakes or bone defects and using all available bones.

Phase 3:


We believe in biocompatibility, safety and aesthetics in materials. We are using a new-generation Monolithic Zirconium instead of the metal-porcelain prosthesis to improve the biocompatibility of our prosthesis. We avoid metal because of corrosion issues and porcelain to prevent chipping problems.

Types Of Surgery

There are 3 different types of surgeries done at our office.


This surgery is guided by a coordinate system just like GPS. We can navigate in real-time and with the complete 3D vision, we can place implants according to the plan. In guided surgery, you completely rely upon a surgical guide. In navigated surgery, we can change the treatment plan according to the demand of circumstances. This is a non-invasive, dynamic, adaptable and more precise surgery that allows our team to have total control of the surgical procedure and we can use the maximum amount of available bone to work in patients with low-density bone and can skip complicated bone regeneration procedures. 


It is used when we need to change the position of bone or perform a bone graft procedure. We use 3D images to assess the availability of bone and decide the combination of different techniques to carry out.


In this type of surgery, before starting any treatment, we make a complete treatment plan and design a surgical splint that can guide us to place implants precisely in the desired position and helps us to achieve maximum precision in the final outcome.

The difference between this surgery and navigated surgery is that in this technique, we have to make a surgical stent before performing the surgery. 

In guided surgery, stitches are not required and postoperative pain is much more tolerable for the patient. This type of surgery is done in patients with coagulation problems as it helps us to minimize the gum opening and does not require stitches. 


  1.  We involve the patient from the first moment with the Digital Smile Design procedure, after which we build a smile together with the patient. This methodology gives us high predictability from the beginning to the end of the case.
  2.  Thanks to Navigated surgery, which is a system similar to the GPS in cars, we achieve greater precision, reliability and efficiency. In 90% of our full-mouth rehabilitation cases, we place temporary fixed teeth 24 hours after surgery, achieving greater comfort and safety during the implant integration period.
  3. 90% of cases are finished with digital design in modern aesthetic material monolithic zirconia, which offers:
    • More Biocompatibility
    •  Greater resistance
    •  Unbeatable aesthetic naturalness



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